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General Questions

Why should I choose to fly with Maverick Helicopters?

Maverick Helicopters employs the highest qualified pilots in the industry who have received numerous awards for safety and customer service. Maverick Helicopters also has the top safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world. Furthermore, Maverick Helicopters flies the premium ECO-Star helicopter, which is the finest helicopter used in the tourism industry. Finally, our flights depart from the Las Vegas Strip and conclude with breathtaking views above the Las Vegas Strip.

What type of aircraft does Maverick Helicopters fly?

Maverick Helicopters exclusively flies EC130 ECO-Star helicopters at all of our locations. The ECO-Star helicopter was designed and engineered for the tourism market with comfort and viewing features in mind. Maverick showcases the largest and youngest fleet of ECO-Star helicopters in the world in addition to its experienced flight operations staff.

What do I need to bring?

Guests over 18 must bring valid photo identification and payment if applicable for check-in. Cameras are highly recommended, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen based on the flight type and the time of year. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.

Does Maverick provide a shuttle service?

Yes. For tours departing from our Las Vegas terminal, a pickup time and location will be provided to you in the confirmation, after you book your tour. You will be picked up in one of our luxury shuttles, which are clearly marked with the Maverick Helicopters logo. At this time, shuttle service is not available for other Maverick Locations.

Will my party be the only passengers on the flight?

The seating configuration for a Grand Canyon flight is up to seven guests while the Vegas Nights flights max out at six guests. Private flights are available if you do book the full amount of seats on the helicopter.

Can I pick my seat?

Maverick Helicopters seating is computer generated, based on weight and balance limits, and isn’t assigned until check-in is complete. Maverick Helicopters does not guarantee seating next to or in the same row of the rest of the party and pilots have the ability to rearrange seating if needed.

How can I best capture all of the highlights of my helicopter adventure?

Maverick Helicopters offers photographs which are taken prior to departure and are available in a custom plaque. Photo packages can be purchased before or after your flight.

What are the terms and conditions of Maverick Helicopters' flights?

A valid government-issued photo ID is required for all guests 18 or older at check-in. Changes or cancellations are not permitted within 72 hours of departure. No-shows will be charged in full with no refunds. All passengers must check in 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time; failure to comply may cause flight cancellation with no reimbursement. Excursions require a minimum number of passengers to operate.

The maximum weight limit per person is 300 pounds / 136 kilos / 21 stone; guests exceeding the limit must purchase an additional seat. Based on location and the season, a maximum weight limit per helicopter will be enforced. Guests with inaccurately stated weights may be canceled with no refund.

With proper identification, children under 2 years of age can travel on an adult’s lap. Children 2 years or older will be required to purchase a seat.

Maverick Helicopters reserves the right to combine different length flights and all times are approximate. Prices and schedules are subject to change without notice.

If a credit card charge by Maverick Helicopters is disputed by a guest or client, Maverick Helicopters has a right to contact all guests to resolve the dispute and collect the cost of the product purchased/delivered, including no-shows.

Will I be charged a fee if I need to reschedule my tour?

No, Maverick does not charge a fee for rescheduling requests made outside of 72 hours prior to your departure time. Changes or cancellations are not permitted within 72 hours prior to your flight departure. No-shows will be charged in full with no refunds.

Can I bring a beverage on the flight?

Guests are allowed to bring bottled water on the flight. All other beverages will not be allowed in the helicopter.

Can I use my cellphone during the flight?

Mobile devices must be turned off or set to airplane mode prior to boarding. Voice, messaging, and data use is prohibited on the aircraft. Once in airplane mode, we strongly recommend taking photos and videos.

Can I take pictures of the aircraft?

Personal photography is prohibited on the airport ramp. Passengers will have the opportunity to take pictures of the aircraft after landing.

Is it appropriate to tip the pilot?

Pilot gratuities are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Can I exit the aircraft as soon as it lands?

Passengers are prohibited from touching the doors of the aircraft unless given instruction to do so by the pilot. The pilot will open and close all helicopter doors.

Should I book my reservation in advance or wait to get to town?

We suggest making your reservation a minimum of two weeks in advance to ensure your date and time preference is available. During busy periods, we will sell out of all flights. The sunset departures are usually the most in demand and tend to sell out first. We also recommend booking your helicopter experience toward the front end of your trip.

Does Maverick Helicopters offer group discounts?

Group rates start at 21 or more passengers. If you are interested in getting more information or booking a group, please contact our dedicated group events department.

What days are you closed?

Maverick Helicopters is open every day, 365 days a year.

I use an oxygen tank for medical necessity. Can I bring it on my flight?

Maverick Helicopters allows oxygen condensers and tanks as long as there is a clearly visible “D.O.T. Approved” stamp or placard on it.

Are service animals permitted on helicopter flights?

Unfortunately, there are no service animals permitted on any of the helicopter flights. Title 14 of The Code of Federal Regulations, Part 382.117, states that animals cannot fly if “the animal obstructs an aisle or other area that must remain unobstructed to facilitate an emergency evacuation.” Every exit and aisle on a helicopter is an emergency exit and aisle. Additionally, as no one can be certain of how an animal will react in a high-stress situation, their access to the flight controls is a major safety concern to all aboard the helicopter.

Can pregnant women fly?

Yes, women who are pregnant fly with Maverick Helicopters often. We always recommend checking with your doctor prior to booking.

If I occasionally suffer from motion sickness, will I have a problem during the flight?

No two people are alike and weather conditions can play a role in helicopter movement. Motion discomfort products are available for purchase in the gift shop. In addition, motion sickness bags are located onboard the aircraft in the seat back pockets.

Can I smoke during the flight?

Smoking is prohibited onboard the aircraft, on the ramp and at any of Maverick's landing sites.

Does Maverick Helicopters have any overnight packages?

Maverick Helicopters does not offer any overnight packages currently.

Can my child sit on my lap?

Children over the age of 2 years will be required to have their own seat. Children under the age of 2 years are required to have proof of age (passport or birth certificate) to be considered a lap child.

How does Maverick Helicopters verify the age of a child to determine if they qualify as a lap child?

We follow the same policy as commercial air carriers. The policy is regulated by the FAA and states that parents must have proof of child’s age (government documentation) if they wish for that child to travel as a lap child.

Does Maverick Helicopters make any exceptions regarding their lap child policy?

As governed by the FAA, we are not permitted to make any exceptions to this policy.

Can a child or minor fly unaccompanied?

An adult must accompany passengers under the age of 18 on the flight.

What if I did not receive my email confirmation?

Due to the amount of emails sent out, spam filters may attempt to block our messages. For this reason, it is important to add livechat@flymaverick.com to your address book to receive emails from us that relate to flights booked online. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact our Reservations Department at 1-888-261-4414.

How can I make changes to my reservation?

To manage your booking, click here or call 702-489-0431. You can also e-mail us at info@flymaverick.com.

How long before my helicopter flight should I arrive at the terminal?

Guests must check in at the terminal 45 minutes before their scheduled departure time. This 45-minute window allows guests adequate time to weigh in for helicopter seating configuration and process any payments.

When do I get to board my helicopter flight?

Guests will be called for boarding 15 minutes before their scheduled departure time. This 15-minute window allows adequate time for the pilot to conduct a safety briefing and a Maverick team member to take a photo of your group in front of the helicopter.

How cold does it get inside the helicopter?

Our helicopters can cool off to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the temperature inside the helicopter?

The temperature inside of our helicopters is controlled to a certain extent. We can use the heat provided by the engine during the cooler months and use the air conditioning system to cool things off, much like a car during the warmer months.

Are the helicopter doors open during my flight?

Helicopter doors will always remain closed while flying.

Can I bring a camera on my tour?

Of course! We encourage all guests to take photos and videos on board our helicopters throughout their tour. The use of professional cameras and action cameras such as GoPros are welcome; however, flash photography is prohibited.

Las Vegas Questions

What should I expect on my helicopter excursion?

Maverick Helicopters prides itself in being the only true VIP-level helicopter company in Las Vegas. Guests will be treated to the plush interior of our ECO-Star helicopters that are equipped with seven leather passenger seats. The seating arrangement is determined based on the weight and balance of the aircraft by the pilot. Our pilots make your flight an experience. As a group, we have the most experienced flight operations staff in the industry. Prior to takeoff, our 5,000-square-foot luxury terminal features a café, extensive gift shop and luxury seating overlooking the runways of McCarran International Airport.

Where and when will I be picked up at my hotel?

For tours departing from our Las Vegas terminal, a pickup time and location will be provided to you in the confirmation, after you book your tour. For a list of hotel pickup locations within a 5-mile radius of the Las Vegas Strip, please CLICK HERE. Guests of Maverick Helicopters will be transported to our private terminal by luxury limo coaches. Transportation is not offered at all locations.

How do I find the complimentary limo coaches?

Maverick Helicopters’ limo coaches are either silver or black and have the logo on them. The coaches are a mix of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and larger luxury vehicles with the ability to seat 10 to 20 passengers comfortably in a limousine configuration.

Where do the flights depart?

Maverick Helicopters is located at 6075 S. Las Vegas Blvd., just a half mile from the Las Vegas hotel corridor and very close to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

What time of day do you recommend to fly?

We offer flights throughout the day to the Grand Canyon. The first flight departs at 7 a.m., and the sunset flights depart at different times throughout the year based on the season. The sunset flight is the most popular departure time of the day, while midday flights offer detailed views of canyon walls. Early morning flights are popular in the summer as the temperature in the canyon is cooler.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable clothing as the weather in the Grand Canyon is similar to Las Vegas temperatures. Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended for anyone landing in the Grand Canyon. On average, Las Vegas experiences more than 300 days of sunshine per year, therefore a hat and sunscreen are recommended.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon are two of the best places in the world for helicopter experiences. With an average of more than 300 days of sun, this proves ideal for flying. On occasion, poor visibility or very high winds may cause a flight delay or cancellation. We do recommend making your reservation at the beginning of your trip as you will have time to rebook if necessary.

Grand Canyon Questions

What is the advantage of landing in the canyon?

Landing in the Grand Canyon is the highlight of the trip for many guests. Grand Canyon West is the only location to allow landings below the rim, and it makes for wonderful photography opportunities.

Are there restrooms when we land at the Grand Canyon?

For flights that land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, there are no restrooms available. For guests visiting the rim at Grand Canyon West, there are restroom facilities available. Guests flying to Grand Canyon National Park Airport will have access to restrooms at Maverick's terminal and in the park.

Can I fly to the Grand Canyon if I am in a wheelchair?

Yes, guests who require wheelchair assistance must be accompanied by another passenger who can assist them with entering and exiting the helicopter. If needed, a collapsible wheelchair can be transported in the helicopter in most cases. Maverick Helicopters is ADA compliant.

Do these tours damage the fragile eco-system of the Grand Canyon?

We do everything we can to minimize intrusion on the Grand Canyon. In addition, all of our ECO-Star helicopters are designed to reduce noise pollution both outside and inside the aircraft.

How safe are we while flying through or hovering over the Grand Canyon?

Very safe. Maverick Helicopters has the highest safety rating of any tourism aviation company in the world. We have been awarded the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Diamond Award, and our pilots have received more than 150 awards for their flying and customer service.

How can I take the best photos and videos at the Grand Canyon?

We want to ensure that you perfectly capture your experience at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. We have created a video sharing our best tips and tricks for taking amazing smartphone photos and videos at the Grand Canyon.

What is the weather like at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon’s temperature varies depending on the season. During the summer months, the temperature can range from 80°F to over 100°F. During the winter months, the temperature can get as low as 40°F to 50°F.

How can I prepare for my Grand Canyon helicopter trip during the summer?

The temperature is much warmer during the summertime, so we recommend coming prepared. This includes bringing the necessities such as water, sunblock, hats, hair ties, and sunglasses. Cooling towels will be distributed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon upon landing.

California Questions

What is Maverick Helicopters’ luggage policy for the Sikorsky S-76?

We guarantee 25 lbs of luggage per guest, however, if there is space available, we will do our best to accommodate all excess baggage. Maximum luggage dimensions allowed are H22” x W9” x L18”.

Can I book a private flight to Catalina Island?

Absolutely! While we offer per-seat pricing for Catalina Island flights, you may also charter a private aircraft of your choice, guaranteeing no other passengers on board.

How long does it take to fly to Catalina Island?

Exact flight-times vary depending on the type of aircraft, however, the following list gives an accurate indication from our most popular departure locations:

  • Long Beach to Avalon – 15 minutes
  • San Pedro to Avalon – 16 minutes
  • Orange County to Avalon – 20 minutes
  • Burbank to Avalon – 30 minutes
  • LAX to Avalon – 25 minutes
  • Santa Monica to Avalon – 24 minutes
  • San Diego to Avalon – 40 minutes
  • Palm Springs to Avalon – 55 minutes

Can I fly to Catalina Island at night?

Our last departure to Catalina Island is 30 minutes prior to sunset.

How do I get to town after I land on Catalina Island?

Our pilots will ask if you need a taxi on arrival in Avalon. We are not responsible for payment of ground transportation. You may also walk to main street, which takes roughly 30 minutes.

Can I bring a cooler on board the Sikorsky S-76?

We cannot guarantee accommodating coolers, due to our 25 lbs per person baggage policy. No ice or liquids are allowed while transporting a cooler. Maximum cooler dimensions allowed are H22” x W9” x L18”.

How many guests can the Sikorsky S-76 accommodate?

It is determined by the total passenger weight, however, the Sikorsky S-76 can accommodate up to 9 total passengers.

Where is your main terminal located?

Our Queen Mary Terminal is located at 1175 Queens Hwy, Queens Mary Terminal, Long Beach, CA 90802.

What is there to do on Catalina Island?

Catalina Island is a bucket list destination, offering visitors numerous activities and attractions to explore! Check out our top recommendations for things to do on Catalina Island.

What services does Maverick Helicopters California provide?

Maverick Helicopters California offers a diverse range of helicopter services including luxury sightseeing flights, helicopter transfers, private charters, custom experiences, and special events.

Can I take a photo before my flight?

Yes, of course. Our ground crew will happily take photos of you with your personal device or with our professional camera. Photos taken with our professional camera are available for purchase.

How can I purchase my digital photo?

Following your experience, you have 30 days to purchase your photos. This can be done by scanning the QR code provided by our team members or by visiting https://www.maverickhelicopter.com/maverick-photos.aspx . Taggable utilizes facial recognition technology to swiftly locate your photos and deliver them in an instant.

Do you only provide departures from your Queen Mary Terminal in Long Beach?

For private charters and special event transfers, Maverick Helicopters provides departures from terminals across Greater Los Angeles including Long Beach, Orange County, Burbank, San Pedro, Hawthorne, Catalina Island and beyond.

What is the weather like in Southern California?

Across Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, the summer is warm and clear and the winter is cool and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature varies from 48°F to 85°F and is rarely below 42°F or above 93°F. Catalina Island offers a mild subtropical climate with warm year-round temperatures. During the summer, the average high is 72°F and the average low is 65°F. During the winter, the average high is 63°F and the average low is 50°F.

Is there parking?

Parking at our Queen Mary Terminal is free for our guests.

What is your pet policy?

You may place animals less than 25 lbs in a pet carrier on your lap. Pets cannot sit in a seat unless you charter the aircraft and carrier dimensions may not exceed 24” in length, 16” in width, and 18” in height. All other animals can be transported in a carrier in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. All companion animals must comply with this policy regardless of being a trained service animal, an emotional support animal, or a pet.

Maui Questions

Where do the Maui flights depart?

Maverick Helicopters Maui is located at the Kahului Heliport, which is near, but not at the Kahului Airport. If using GPS navigation, please enter - Lelepio Pl, Kahului, Hawaii 96732.

Are there restrooms when we land in the Hana Rainforest?

For flights that land at our private landing location within Hana Rainforest, there are no restrooms available.

What time of day do you recommend to fly?

We offer flights from early morning to mid-afternoon in Maui. Each Maui helicopter tour is strategically scheduled throughout the day to maximize visibility and avoid things like excess cloud coverage.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable clothing and closed-toe footwear. A hat and sunscreen are recommended for guests participating in a landing excursion.

Do you provide hotel transportation?

We do not provide hotel transfers in Hawaii. Please arrange it directly with your concierge. We are not responsible for ground transportation.

Is there a charge to park at the heliport?

Yes, the parking area at the heliport is privately owned by ABM Parking Services. There is a "Self Service Pay Booth" at the entrance that accepts Visa and MasterCard. It also accepts cash, but does not provide any change.

Can I scuba dive before my helicopter flight?

You must wait at least 24 hours after scuba diving before taking a helicopter flight.

Will I see lava on your tours?

The only active volcano is "Kilauea," and it is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. A private charter may be arranged.

What can I expect to see during my helicopter tour on Maui?

You can expect to see everything listed within the tour description for your specific excursion. However, the weather in Maui can change at any given moment. Therefore, for your safety, the pilot may choose an alternate flight route depending on the current conditions. Because of this, there is no guarantee as to what can be seen on any given departure.


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